Asset Management



Managing assets with InspectAll focuses on the core objective of eliminating Risk and Exposure related to an individual asset or group of assets overall.

Our suite of products lets you identify Priorities that are High, Medium, or Low levels of exposure and setup a resolution workflow to eliminate the risk quickly and easily.

Assets in InspectAll refer to both tangible assets like:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Vehicles

It can also cover intangible assets like:

  • Employees
  • Programs

Whether you’re a service provider managing assets for your customers or a user looking to manage your own assets at one or many locations, InspectAll comes out-of-the-box with all the structure needed to organize, manage, and report on your assets. We help you follow best practices to get the right data at the right time - so you can act on relevant information quickly.

In addition, InspectAll provides pre-designed templates for many types of assets to help you get started, or you’re free to build or customize your own setup to make a process that fits your needs.


Core Features

The core of InspectAll’s asset solution focuses on helping you identify and resolve Risk and Exposure in your business. You define what constitutes risk, and we give you the tools to:

  • Organize by Account, Location, and Area
  • Setup Unique Forms and Processes for Assets
  • Take a Photo of each Asset.
  • Capture Geo Locations with GPS Coordinates
  • Define Custom Attributes
  • Setup Urgent Notes for Individual Assets
  • Set & Manage Asset Statuses
  • Access Files and Resources on the Mobile
  • Set Follow-Ups and Track Completion

Tagging Options

The InspectAll App helps you tag, label, and track all of your assets in a variety of methods. You can easily use different tagging methods for your assets but keep all of the necessary records in one place.

  • Serial Numbers
  • Barcodes
  • QR Codes
  • RFID (with Bluetooth RFID Reader)
  • Text
  • Numbers

Report & Analyze

We believe that good reporting is necessary to see the whole picture and also bubble up the most important details. Some of the reporting and analytics that are always available with InspectAll are:

  • Instant Alerts when Priorities are Identified
  • Automated Emails with Identified Risk
  • On Demand Reporting
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Top Assets with Risk & Exposure
  • Top Types of Assets with Risk & Explosure
  • Recent Activity on Assets
  • Resolution Statuses