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  • Daniel Arwood
    Daniel Arwood, Director & Founder

    A graduate of Georgia State University, Daniel brings over 10 years of experience in a variety of fields including safety and compliance, operations management, and lean manufacturing processes. He is a certified OSHA outreach officer and a certified inspector for various forms of industrial machinery.

  • Jason Shehane
    Jason Shehane, Developer & Founder

    A graduate of Georgia Tech in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Jason’s background is in improving production systems in both construction and general industry. His prior experience focused on enhancing the flow of information using mobile technologies, with a strong emphasis on iOS use.

  • Brian Mann
    Brian Mann, Lead Web Developer

    Brian has over 7 years of experience engineering resource management applications. His unique experience in a variety of trades including operations & IT direction, IT infrastructure architecture, training, technical support, & staff management contribute to his ability to build web applications that offer whole business solutions.

  • Jennifer Mann
    Jennifer Mann, Front End Designer/Developer

    Jennifer is a user interface and design specialist with a background in financial processing applications. Her focus on the total development life cycle of an application allows her to translate business goals into highly intuitive user interfaces. She brings expertise in marketing, web design, and mobile applications.

  • Sean Farahdel
    Sean Farahdel, Web Developer

    Sean is a Ruby on Rails enthusiast and web developer. His background includes studying computer science at Georgia State University and building powerful web applications for a national restaurant chain as well as a regional industrial manufacturer.

  • Julie Wells
    Julie Wells, Business Services Manager

    Julie leads InspectAll’s business services and support with a primary focus on assuring 100% satisfaction for our customers. She is a graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in History of Technology in Society. Her background includes teaching, curriculum development, and business management.

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